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Talk to Your Cells and become your own creator is Elaine Croker's first book to be published and is where Prime Tuning begins. Talk to Your Cells and become your own creator, is a timeless book that continues to change many lives around the world.

Back Cover - Talk to Your Cells and become your own creator

We all have dreams and ideals. We all have the ability and strength to strive for these and succeed. Yet many of us fail to reach past the obstacles that challenge us. Elaine has become the person she is today through the discovery that the cells of her body work for her when she programmes them to do what her mind tells them. This system has allowed her and her clients to use every day to its full potential. It shows why it is our right and our duty to use our time wisely. What we decide we can do, we will do. But when we think we cannot do something, our body will act accordingly and then that day is not only lost to us, but the data we have created with our negative thinking is also placed in a memory bank that will rule our future so that we will keep failing.

Let's reach for the height of our dreams and open the power of the subconcious we are made from. Let the thoughts we have in this reasoning mind of ours give us what the subconcious has to offer us.

When Elaine started this book she realised that each person would get something different from it. It is written so that each chapter is self-contained and can tell you how to change a certain aspect of your life.

Words and thoughts have great power. This books it not about asking the universe to create a better life for us, but instructs us how to use our daily thought and speech to instruct these wonderful cells to do our bidding and create a magnificant new world.

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Talk to your cells - How to become your own creator, is Elaine Crokers second released book in the Prime Tuning series, This fantastic pocket book goes hand in hand with her first successful book, Talk to your cells And Become your Own Creator. It really is a Stress Release Handbook.

Back Cover - Talk To Your Cells - How To Become your Own Creator

This book will give you the tools and techniques to change your life simply by communicating with, and becoming master of, the trillions of cells which make you who you are.

Our cells are willing slaves, always listening and responding without question to our thoughts and words, whether positive or negative. We have all heard of positive thinking, and we know that our thoughts and words have a tremendous influence over our lives.

More than 15 years ago, Elaine discovered that our cells were intelligent and could communicate with us. Ever since then, Elaine has dedicated her life to the development and practice of "Prime Tuning', a healing system that has enhanced and transformed many people's lives.

"Through this book, Elaine will take you on a journey that helps you discover hidden strengths and desires.

She will show you how to talk to your cells and expect the changes you want. Read this book and benefit from Elaine's wisdom".

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HUMANITY'S ROLE in the Evoltuion of the Soul is Elaine Croker's 3rd book. It explains our human role in the advancement of the soul. It also touchs on the law of attractions as a vital tool for our health, wealth and relationships.

Back Cover - HUMANITY'S ROLE in the Evolution of the Soul

The human being plays an integral role in the evolution of the soul and in consciousness itself.

Humanity's Role reveals the many facets of the souls development and the direct connection of the human being with it's soul. Discover the Birthing of Human Life, thePower of Truth and the reasons for behaviour. Souls can only expand and grow through the human being.

Learn more about the Law of Attraction through the deep understanding of the soul and it's relationship with the human being.

Elaine Croker, is the founder of Prime Tuning. Her groundbreaking, healing work is reknowned internationally and she is regarded as one of the leaders in Australia. Elaine is the author of "Talk to Your Cells, and become your own creator" and "Talk to Your Cells, how to become your own creator" She has developed a series of workshops for health practitioners and the public, which she presents on a regular basis throughout the country.

This is the third book in the acclaimed Prime Tuning series.

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Who am I?, the Discovery of Me! is Elaine Croker's most recent book to be published in the Prime Tuning series. This is Elaine's fascinating life story that tells the story behind the discovery of her unique healing ability.

"Elaine's life story is as amazing as her god given gift"
- Linda Chinner, Manager, Adyar Bookshop, Sydney.

Back Cover - Who am I? the Discovery of Me!

While desperately searching for ways to heal her sick and dying children, Elaine prayed for some way to overcome their fate. Her prayers were answered. She has channeled a healing method called the Prime Tuning of Cells. Her six children are now well, and achieving happiness and success in their lives.

The many friends, family and clients who flow through her home attest to her genuine abilities of medical intuition and connection to inner wisdom.

You too can discover Who am I? as you travel with Elaine along the path of The Discovery of Me.

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Life gives us time, space and energy.

It is our dream that exists in our mind, we have life to make this dream come true, to create it.

 We are born form the roots of our forefathers. It is from these roots that Karmic Law returns.  This book of stress releases are to clear and correct the mistakes that were placed in our genes. It is now time to be “Standing in the Now” and not in the past. Karma is an emotional attachment creating our unworthiness to be free.

 It is time for that freedom to meet the maker of our dreams which is you and me.


This book is designed to open the subconscious and reform the space by cleansing the memory codes in the database. It will reform the classic pattern of karma to now stand with forgiveness so all interactions are defragged from the emotional translations of karma.

All our cells are then able to identify us as the master or mistress to work under our spiritual being is us under the values of love joy grace peace and wisdom. And so we can design a magical template for us and our future genes. We are in the world of many changes so much to be excited about and may enthusiasm now control our own ideals. We are free, by the keys of this book. You are who you are, and not damaged from the equations of an eye form an key or a tooth for a tooth. Love who you are and the past is forgiven.

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Everyone is special and capable of achieving their wildest dreams. All we have to do is open our minds.

Our cells hold all wisdom and are programmed to deliver whatever we ask of them

Repeated personal bad behaviour will follow us through life if we do not change the pattern.

Life is a hologram inside a hologram inside a hologram. It is a funnel that holds a point of infinity and nothingness at its base. When this nothingness is connected to a fertile base in a space of time it will conceive and create form.

We and our cells are just machines, doing our job of digestion.

What we think is what we get.

Even our silent questions make a sound. There is sound all the time. Every cell makes a sound as it vibrates. Without sound, nothing could exist. It is the vibrational energy that holds all matter together.

You are a figure made up of trillions and trillions of cells giving you life and energy. You and every cell on this earth have a telepathic connection. Therefore you can talk to every cell.

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