LEVEL 1 ULLADULLA 13TH & 14TH SEPTEMBER 2014 - Conducted by Cath Heath and Sharron Rooney

"The facilitators - Cath and Sharron - were not only knowledgable and practised in the modality of PrimeTuning, they were also warm and welcoming people whom I hope to count as mentors and friends in the future! Lovely to meet you and to meet "like minded people"!!!"
- Leisa S, McKellar.

"A truly amazing experience! Sharron and Cath are a wealth of knowledge! I can't wait for the level 2 workshop!"
- Lizzie M, Mollymook.  

"Both presenters were excellent! What a lot of information to present/demonstrate. They did very well (especially as I had "limited" background). I now feel confident to go out and use this process and this wonderful modality."
- Lesley S, Mollymook.


"Thankyou for all your time and care in bringing the balance to our table. So well put together with so much thought. It was lovely to be in the presence of other participants and working with the facilitators Cath and Sharron. How grateful I am to be in this time of the evolution of Primetuning and to be in the presence of Elaine who is so generous with her teachings."
- Maya C, Narrawallee

"I loved this level 2 course and so glad we took time to visit level 1 work. I look forward to level 3 and hope the wonderful other participants in this course also attend. Great work, Cath and Sharron and as always Elaine was full of wonderful words of wisdom."
- Susan K, Culburra

"I loved the level 2 Primetuning course, if possible more than the level 1! The skills I have learnt here I will use everyday for the health and wellbeing of myself, my family and my friends. Elaine, Cath and Sharron are amazing teachers who show great insight into this powerful form of healing."
- Toree D, Milton.

"Wonderful healing weekend meeting, beautiful like minded souls. Thankyou all for your kindness and support."
- Jacki P, Narooma.   


"Wonderful experience, professionally conducted; clear and concise teaching with practical interaction, care and guidance. all paper work and manuals etc really great. Thanks to you all."
- Marion K, Lake Tabourie.

"I found the two day workshop was very enjoying and informative. the content was set out well, both in book form and the handouts given. Instructions were clear and easy to follow, it all came together and made sense! setting the course out over two days was good as the information was new and I feel it needed the "overnight" to digest, with it all coming together by lunchtime day 2. Thankyou."
- Catherine P. Wollongong.


"Level 3 has provided me with a wealth of information and tools I feel comfortable to use as a direct result of the clear and concise way it was presented this weekend. elaine's insight and anecdotes are invaluable and a reminder of the miracle of this form of healing."
- Kelly R, Milton.

"Level 3 workshop gave me an understanding of how Primetuning can balance on a deeper level from the core of your human spirit, soul and physical body, to work from positive energy and infinite love. Thankyou to Elaine, Cath and Sharron for creating a safe and comfortable learning environment."
- Bree R, Newcastle

"It is amazing to what depths you can go to with Primetuning."
- Sandra S, Southern Highlands 

"Loved observing the balances especially John balancing Elaine. thank you for sharing your wisdom with such grace and love."
- Kerry L, Liverpool


"A fault in production meant our company could face legal action and was putting a heavy strain on myself and the business.  The Cell Balance allowed us to tune into the real fears and issues of the deal and those involved.  These were "Balanced" and the best way to approach the meeting between companies became clear.  All fear and anger was totally diffused and an amicable compromise was reached.  We continue to trade with this company and benefit from our positive relationship with them". 
- Michael Larkin, General Manager.

"Vertigo was becoming a distressing part of my life.  It was affecting my work and home life.  The doctor advised me to undertake surgery as a last resort.  After one Cell Balance, the vertigo worsened for two days. Than it disappeared and have never returned (3 years later).  It is incredible - thanks to the Cell Balance."
- Lily B, School

"My experiences with the Cell Balance treatment has been extremely rewarding.  The initial treatment helped with joint pain in my elbow from a repetitive strain injury.  In addition to this, and more importantly, the treatment also assisted me in other aspects of my life in particular on a spiritual level.  I was able to gain new direction and identify goals for personal growth. The Balance has been a positive and powerful tool that has helped me achieve my goals."
- Jessica Gulli, Chemist's Assistant.

"My very active and much loved 77 year old mother became seriously ill.  The balance helped me by releasing the unwanted emotions from me, and the situation.  With the fear and worry released, I was able to see more clearly what my mother and I could do to make our last months together full of love and joy.  I thank Elaine and the balance for this precious gift."
- Sharron Rooney, Bowen Practitioner.

"The Cell Balance was amazing.  I felt lighter and clearer as if a weight had been lifted.  I feel stronger in myself to act on the changes I need to make."
- Cath D, Client.


"The Cell Balance is a gentle way of ligting up the spirits and releasing heavy emotions which can become a burden to carry around.  The clients Health Recovery Program includes an initial Cell Balance to clear the underlying causes.  We can get to the root of the problem.  Later on we add other types of treatment to support the movement forward in health.  The Cell Balance seems to be a catalyst for change."
- Sue Larkin, Reflexologist, Sue's Healing Haven, Concord.

"In my practise I do more Cell Balances than anything else.  It has changed the lives of many of my clients.  I have clients who come back specifically for the Cell Balance as it makes their changes easier; I think people grow so much through Cell Balancing.  Their lives are changed completely for the better." 
Janice McTackett, Bowen Practitioner,
JEM Dynamis Health Services, Wentworthville.

"The Cell Balance is an empowering tool for practitioners and clients alike.  I find the Balance complementary to an intuitive-guided way of working in which clients experience profound outcomes". 
- Rosemary Sheldon, Refloxologist, The Clearing, Pyrmont.


"I have truly enjoyed the experience.  I would love to learn much more.  I intend to practise  and understand more.  Thankyou very much for sharing your knowledge so we can all learn to heal ourselves and the world."
- Love Sue Cowling.

"Found the workshop most interesting and informative.  Will take time to pocess and practise what has been learned, but am looking forward to doing so.  Thankyou all."
- Barb Cuthbertson.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  I've found it extremely interesting and enlightening for me personally.  Thankyou Elaine and Bruce.  It's been a pleasure to know you both.  And hope for more meetings in the future."
- Janice Genders


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