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PrimeTuning is a simple but powerful healing system which utilises muscle testing and the stress release to diagnose and balances the body at its very source, "the cells".  The trillions of cells which make up the human body have a tremendous influence over its health and well being.  This influence can be positive or negative.  We are only truly healthy when our cells are synchronized to our bodies systems and the earth’s energies.  Equally, when the cells are imbalanced and out of sync we are vulnerable to disease and sickness.

In simple terms, the PrimeTuning healing system diagnoses the health of the bodies cells  and heals them by transforming their vibrational state from negative to positive.  To achieve this transformation, PrimeTuning uses two simple healing techniques.  These are muscle testing for diagnosis and the stress release to make corrections.

In affect, muscle testing is the divining rod that enables the PrimeTuning practitioner or individual to communicate with the bodies cells.  Muscle testing is a well known and well established technique which is used by therapists from many different healing disciplines.  PrimeTuning uses the muscle test to check the vibrational state of the cells against a comprehensive library of known vibrational states both negative or positve.

When a negative vibrational state is identified the stress release technique is used to re-program the cells from a negative to a positive state.  This transformation balances the vibrational frequency of the cells to work in sync with the bodies 19 systems and the earth's eight energies.

Simply put, the power of this PrimeTuning healing technique comes from the ability of every cell to hold memories (energy vibrations). Many of these memories are positive to our health and well being however some are destructive and lead to poor health and well being. It is the ability to identify and correct these negative conditions at the very core of our existence "Our Cells" which makes PrimeTuning such a powerful healing technique.
Prime Tuning does not interfere with conventional or spiritual healing approaches. On the contrary, it enhances and complements the work in all fields of health and well-being.
Thankyou for visiting, I trust you find Prime Tuning as influential to your health and well-being as it has been for my family, friends and clients since 1990. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have invited me into their lives and allowed me to be a part of their healing and well-being journey.
- Elaine Croker
PrimeTuning Founder, Teacher, Practitioner, Medical Intuitive.



About the Author, Teacher, Healer, Medical Intuitive - Elaine Croker

Elaine Croker founder of Primetuning of Cellular Vibrations.

In the early nineteen nineties, Elaine Croker discovered a unique gift while desperately searching for ways to heal her sick and dying children. From humble beginnings and with almost no formal education, this remarkable woman prayed for some ways to overcome her children's fate. Her prayers were answered and she has created a healing method based on the changes we can achieve in our lives through talking to our cells. Her six children are now well, and achieving happiness and success in their lives.

Elaine lives on the far south coast of New South Wales in Australia, with her husband Bruce and the frequent visits of clients, visitors and family who keep her household full of community, health and laughter.

Elaine's life since than has been dedicated to healing and writing about her methods. These are now four books in a world changing series. They are based on practical methods of obtaining the best results we can from this human our soul inhabits. To learn more about Elaine's  remarkable  story, her latest book release, Who am I, the discovery of me! is an indepth personal journey of her life and her discovery of her ability to heal, teach and write.

Elaine Croker - Teacher, Healer and Author of the Primetuning books series.

  1. Talk To Your Cells - And become your own creator,  followed with the "how to" instruction manual,
  2. Talk To Your Cells - How to become your own creator (stress release handbook)
  3. Humanity's Role in the Evolution of the Soul
  4. Who am I, the discovery of me!
  5. Spiritual Wisdom in our Cells
  6. Standing in the Now Releasing Karmic Law (stress release book)



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