Talk to Your Cells and become your own Creator

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Talk to Your Cells and become your own creator is Elaine Croker's first book to be published and is where Prime Tuning begins. Talk to Your Cells and become your own creator, is a timeless book that continues to change many lives around the world.

Back Cover - Talk to Your Cells and become your own creator

We all have dreams and ideals. We all have the ability and strength to strive for these and succeed. Yet many of us fail to reach past the obstacles that challenge us. Elaine has become the person she is today through the discovery that the cells of her body work for her when she programmes them to do what her mind tells them. This system has allowed her and her clients to use every day to its full potential. It shows why it is our right and our duty to use our time wisely. What we decide we can do, we will do. But when we think we cannot do something, our body will act accordingly and then that day is not only lost to us, but the data we have created with our negative thinking is also placed in a memory bank that will rule our future so that we will keep failing.

Let's reach for the height of our dreams and open the power of the subconcious we are made from. Let the thoughts we have in this reasoning mind of ours give us what the subconcious has to offer us.

When Elaine started this book she realised that each person would get something different from it. It is written so that each chapter is self-contained and can tell you how to change a certain aspect of your life.

Words and thoughts have great power. This books it not about asking the universe to create a better life for us, but instructs us how to use our daily thought and speech to instruct these wonderful cells to do our bidding and create a magnificant new world.

Author Elaine Croker

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