Talk to Your Cells - Stress Release Book

AUD15.00 each


Talk to your cells - How to become your own creator, is Elaine Crokers second released book in the Prime Tuning series, This fantastic pocket book goes hand in hand with her first successful book, Talk to your cells And Become your Own Creator. It really is a Stress Release Handbook.

Back Cover - Talk To Your Cells - How To Become your Own Creator

This book will give you the tools and techniques to change your life simply by communicating with, and becoming master of, the trillions of cells which make you who you are.

Our cells are willing slaves, always listening and responding without question to our thoughts and words, whether positive or negative. We have all heard of positive thinking, and we know that our thoughts and words have a tremendous influence over our lives.

More than 15 years ago, Elaine discovered that our cells were intelligent and could communicate with us. Ever since then, Elaine has dedicated her life to the development and practice of "Prime Tuning', a healing system that has enhanced and transformed many people's lives.

"Through this book, Elaine will take you on a journey that helps you discover hidden strengths and desires.

She will show you how to talk to your cells and expect the changes you want. Read this book and benefit from Elaine's wisdom".

Author - Elaine Croker

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