Who am I, The Discovery of Me

AUD25.00 each


Who am I?, the Discovery of Me! is Elaine Croker's most recent book to be published in the Prime Tuning series. This is Elaine's fascinating life story that tells the story behind the discovery of her unique healing ability.

"Elaine's life story is as amazing as her god given gift"
- Linda Chinner, Manager, Adyar Bookshop, Sydney.


Back Cover - Who am I? the Discovery of Me!

While desperately searching for ways to heal her sick and dying children, Elaine prayed for some way to overcome their fate. Her prayers were answered. She has channeled a healing method called the Prime Tuning of Cells. Her six children are now well, and achieving happiness and success in their lives.

The many friends, family and clients who flow through her home attest to her genuine abilities of medical intuition and connection to inner wisdom.

You too can discover Who am I? as you travel with Elaine along the path of The Discovery of Me.

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