Standing in the Now - Releasing Karmic Law

AUD25.00 each


Standing in the now, Releasing Karmic Law

Life gives us time, space and energy.

It is our dream that exists in our mind, we have life to make this dream come true, to create it.

 We are born form the roots of our forefathers. It is from these roots that Karmic Law returns.  This book of stress releases are to clear and correct the mistakes that were placed in our genes. It is now time to be “Standing in the Now” and not in the past. Karma is an emotional attachment creating our unworthiness to be free.

 It is time for that freedom to meet the maker of our dreams which is you and me.


This book is designed to open the subconscious and reform the space by cleansing the memory codes in the database. It will reform the classic pattern of karma to now stand with forgiveness so all interactions are defragged from the emotional translations of karma.


All our cells are then able to identify us as the master or mistress to work under our spiritual being is us under the values of love joy grace peace and wisdom. And so we can design a magical template for us and our future genes. We are in the world of many changes so much to be excited about and may enthusiasm now control our own ideals. We are free, by the keys of this book. You are who you are, and not damaged from the equations of an eye form an key or a tooth for a tooth. Love who you are and the past is forgiven.

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