Spiritual Wisdom of the Cells

AUD25.00 each


Spiritual Wisdom in the Cells

Everyone is special and capable of achieving their wildest dreams. All we have to do is open our minds.

Our cells hold all wisdom and are programmed to deliver whatever we ask of them

Repeated personal bad behaviour will follow us through life if we do not change the pattern.

Life is a hologram inside a hologram inside a hologram. It is a funnel that holds a point of infinity and nothingness at its base. When this nothingness is connected to a fertile base in a space of time it will conceive and create form.

We and our cells are just machines, doing our job of digestion.

What we think is what we get.

Even our silent questions make a sound. There is sound all the time. Every cell makes a sound as it vibrates. Without sound, nothing could exist. It is the vibrational energy that holds all matter together.

You are a figure made up of trillions and trillions of cells giving you life and energy. You and every cell on this earth have a telepathic connection. Therefore you can talk to every cell.

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